Feb 22, 2013

don't think too much about what other people say

PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS AND ALWAYS TRY TO LET YOU DOWN. there is some point in life people have free time and feel like ranting on someone for some flaw they did....... don't feel bad about it and don't take it too seriously, try not to regret it too much and especially don't think about it too much or else your brain might explode no kidding...... if you have had failures in your life, learn from them and move on but if you repeat the same mistake you are a fool............. SHOW THE WORLD AND FLY!

Feb 20, 2013


A very important thing about this world is that it tries to fool you, be cruel to you, be rude, cheat, obsessive and all the things you can name of that you might regret...... Well that's when our mistakes walk in but we become fools if we don't learn from them....... Here is a solution (perhaps) plan it out before you do it and keep an eye on the people and their actions, write on paper that lets say Alex a student at your tuition "Take 500 $ from Alex on 17 June 2014" in this case as some people well a lot of people so far I have seen wait and play games with the payment and often worry you so that's why you should take payment in advance of course to avoid all the drama and argument....... some benefits are they'll send their kid everyday on the right time....... Don't wait or don't even hesitate just simply ask for the payment before you do the work, and please don't make a mess so the customers try to ask for it back.... just remember you can't trust anyone especially Darth Vader ........ wait he doesn't owe me anything BUT REVENGE okay okay too far well I think I'm done now....... :)

Dec 5, 2012

Bieng Different

When being different there are many challenges, cause people will try their best to bring you down, bring you back to a normal life, but its you who can change the world. 

Nov 27, 2012

Don't think by just living a life you are doing something so great!

Yesterday night, in the car, I asked my father "What does Heaven can wait mean?" he answered something that was never heard before.... "The people who believe in the day of judgment will act every second of their lives very differently from other people and the people who believe in one God will act differently too" Well from then he told something too "There were two men, one was good and the other was bad, they asked the prophet to go to God and ask him whether they were going to hell or heaven, when the messenger came back he told the good guy, God is thinking about it and told the bad guy, God will put you in Hell, the good guy said "What!, until what I have done for him, he is just thinking about it, and the bad guy said "Thank you God for at last knowing that I am around" The prophet then later came back with another message and said "The good guy will go to Hell and the bad guy will go to Heaven" It is God's decision whether you will go to Heaven or Hell! People who think that they are spending every second of their lives for them are not, you are a slave, and you will always be God's slave! Don't think by just living a life you are doing something so great!

Nov 5, 2012


Once told me, "I can't be Richard Branson or Warren Buffet or even Donald Trump I mean its IMPOSSIBLE!" then came a voice from behind "Mr. Branson, Mr. Buffet, Mr. Trump and Lord Sugar  all were normal kids they just thought different and set out a goal, if you think your life is messed up and you can't get anywhere, well thats not true, you have to have faith in yourself, always believe that God is there, because He is there! all the time anywhere everywhere, these people who are now billionaires could have just gave up and sit lazy all day and do nothing but instead they decided to do something in their lives, and you know what they succeeded cause if you struggle people tag along to help you. There was a flood back a few years ago, some people just sat there and waited to be pulled up, and the ones that made even a little amount of effort to step a bit higher and get up pulled first cause they climbed, the water came rushing and they ones who were almost to the top got pulled up and they ones that stood there waiting for people to come downs with ropes and grab them in their arms well guess what, they died, people don't wait, they pull what ever comes first :) Well if you ask whether you can be a billionaire the answer is YES Think + Plan + Organize + Ready Set GO and see the next 10 years where you'll be and where you are right now reading this blog. The End Thanks for reading mate :)

Oct 21, 2012

its not as easy as you think :(

business can be a really tough world for a person whose new, you need about 10 years of experience until you can get the hang of it, being ten years in school got used to a routine, in business is all messed up, BIG TIME, the changes, the people, the studies, the manners, the attitude, the grudges, the revenge and more as people say but you have to have control its not easy, in school you can pick on a person well HIGH SCHOOL, wear funky junky clothes or uniform follow a routine, hang around with friends, but in school they don't teach you how to survive alone, you slowly slowly understand as you grow, to a person who is thrown everything in one shot is hard, but its no complaint there are rewards but always remember this


Oct 5, 2012

Music taken away but brought back in such a way :D

Well there are sometimes when listening to music calms us down, so mom took away the headphones and all was left where the speakers which were also the big boom boom ones (like that), although loved working along with dad but listening to music while sending emails and making print outs, so here is what happened, did something very special and had put "DADS"favorite" song which he liked and same here. Finished work fast and enjoyed happily THE END :D remember (OTHERS) 1st