Feb 22, 2013

don't think too much about what other people say

PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS AND ALWAYS TRY TO LET YOU DOWN. there is some point in life people have free time and feel like ranting on someone for some flaw they did....... don't feel bad about it and don't take it too seriously, try not to regret it too much and especially don't think about it too much or else your brain might explode no kidding...... if you have had failures in your life, learn from them and move on but if you repeat the same mistake you are a fool............. SHOW THE WORLD AND FLY!

Feb 20, 2013


A very important thing about this world is that it tries to fool you, be cruel to you, be rude, cheat, obsessive and all the things you can name of that you might regret...... Well that's when our mistakes walk in but we become fools if we don't learn from them....... Here is a solution (perhaps) plan it out before you do it and keep an eye on the people and their actions, write on paper that lets say Alex a student at your tuition "Take 500 $ from Alex on 17 June 2014" in this case as some people well a lot of people so far I have seen wait and play games with the payment and often worry you so that's why you should take payment in advance of course to avoid all the drama and argument....... some benefits are they'll send their kid everyday on the right time....... Don't wait or don't even hesitate just simply ask for the payment before you do the work, and please don't make a mess so the customers try to ask for it back.... just remember you can't trust anyone especially Darth Vader ........ wait he doesn't owe me anything BUT REVENGE okay okay too far well I think I'm done now....... :)